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Decals of today go a long way in help convey professionalism in that manufacturers can provide customized options for updating the look of fleet vehicles and the fantastic ease in which they can be affixed. They provide a professional image. Unlike paint, decals do not fade.

Every company operating a fleet wants its vehicles to convey a professional image to the public and its customers, and by using a well designed decal program, fleet managers can save by including the decal manufacturer as part of their supply chain. Quality decal markings can be used on vehicles for corporate logos, lettering, numbering, and graphics. Exterior decals are easily applied onto vehicles using self-adhesive materials. These materials have the durability to last the service life of a vehicle.

One advantage to using decals is that they do not require any special skills to affix to the outside of a vehicle. In fact, factory decaling on new models has become so prevalent that most mechanics are already experienced in decal work. Unlike paint, decals do not noticeably fade and if there is some fading, it takes place over a long period of time, but it is consistent. Another advantage to using decals is that even temporary markings are easy to remove using heat and solvents. This eliminates the need to repaint the entire vehicle prior to selling it.