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Overlays are vital part of any modern control component for human-machine interface (HMI), Branding or other visual interaction. Graphic Overlays are usually the first thing that end user sees when interacting with a Machine or product. Consequently, the overlay has a big influence on the customer’s first impression. Attention to detail, precise color matching & intuitive graphics are critical factors in creating an effective graphical overlay & user interface experience.

Material for overlays ranges from 7 mil to 30 mil. Material choice depends on the end user application & the environment in which it will be used, including exposure to sunlight & chemicals. Commonly used materials are Polycarbonate (PETG or Lexan) & Polyester (PET)

    Benefits of Graphic Overlays,
  • Durability
  • Subsurface graphics – printing is done on the inside of the graphic overlay so it doesn’t degrade its graphic identity & won’t wear out from use or cleaning.
  • Short lead time – once the art work approval is done.